Miss Mortelle


Be it therapy or adult entertainment, I want my work to be valuable - for you, for me, and for other people.

That´s why I donate on a monthly basis to the following projects and invite you to do so as well:

Protect Girls from FGM in Tanzania campaigns against female genital mutilation and child marriages in Africa. Through rescues and education campaigns, this project fights for basic human rights! This cruel tradition of mutilating the genitalia of young girls is unfortunately still a reality in Africa today. The women suffer from it for their entire life and some even die during or from the very painful procedure. Let´s do something against it!

Educate and Shelter Children in Red Light District gives homing and education to ch*ldren of Indian prostitutes. In India, sexworkers are part of the lowest social cast. Often their children are rejected from normal schools due to their red light backround. The female ch*ldren of these sexworkers often become prostitutes themselves due to their helpless situation. That´s why it is so important, that NGO´s provide those ch*ldren with a proper education, as well as housing outside of the brothel.