Miss Mortelle

Who is Miss Medea Mortelle?

More than just femdom and bizarre, Miss Medea Mortelle is a tactile artist, a word acrobat, role-play astronaut and tantra master. This lady is different from everything you ever knew.

Miss Medea Mortelle: My Deadly Goddess

Mortelle means "deadly..." Me-dea stands for "My Goddess."

The ritual begins. I cast my spell on you and make you my prey and my property.

I play with your lust. Between overwhelming sensuality and exciting distance, I always remain myself in all facets of the play: Seductively feminine and uninhibitedly dirty.

Do you dare? How great is your devotion?

Young, conscious and extremely perverted

I am a true goddess who also spends her time on the important things in life.... I have studied at university, am artistically active and have completed several trainings in body therapy and spirituality. Online I am your perverted goddess and in real-life your BDSM therapist.

If you want to know more about me, go to my website: Miss Medea Mortelle