Miss Mortelle
Become my Cuckold Loser
Become my Cuckold Loser

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In this clip I will humiliate you, while having sex with my boyfriend. Since you will never be good enough to fuck me (or any other women), it is your job to serve both of us and become our ridiculous sex voyeur. First, I will speak to the camera and tell you why you are a cuckold loser and what this beta role means for you. Then my alpha boyfriend comes in and we start making out in front of you, while I continuously abuse you verbally. When I get naked, I make it very clear to you, that you will never deserve such divinity! As I give my boyfriend a blowjob, we encourage you to suck his balls... No more pussies for you cucki, I will teach you how to please men from now on. As my boyfriend indulges in pussy licking, you painfully realize that I truly meant that: You will never participate in my sex life in any other way than being an outside observer... Let´s be honest. This clip is way too hot and way too intimate for you already. If you want to watch me having sex in all kinds of hot positions, the humiliation I throw at you is the bare minimum you have to take ;) Finally, my alpha male cums on my booty and I hold my sperm-glazed butt right into your face, so you can lick me clean!