Miss Mortelle
Facesitting and Oral Service
Facesitting and Oral Service

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My pretty slave is allowed to do what all of you can only dream of. He may please his mistress with his tongue. But first I test my young slave. He has to kiss my legs according to my wishes and take off my panties with his mouth.... Then I sit down on the couch and spread my legs while he kneels in front of me. In this way I instruct him how to lick my divine pussy. But soon I feel like I want more and push my ass into his face. Now I want rimming and my slave has to circle his tongue again and again around my asshole.... For facesitting my lick servant has to lie down on the bed. Now I can finally use his face the way I like it! I ride his mouth with my pussy and asshole until I cum. Sexy close-ups of my pussy and asshole included ;) All real and honest <3 See me being pleased by my slave boy, without masks and filters...