Miss Mortelle
School Girl needles Dick & Balls
School Girl needles Dick & Balls

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When I'm older, I want to become a nurse. That's why I'm so excited to practice on my guinea pig today. I examine my patient and find out that he suffers from horniness.... He even grabs my cute schoolgirl ass. This is going too far. The only way to cure him of his perverted horniness is extreme needling. I will stick long needles directly through his cock and balls! 9 needles will go right through his aroused cock and 2 needles will go through both balls. After punishing his genitals, I allow my horny patient to enjoy my schoolgirl ass. I even play with his tortured cock and ask him to jerk off his needle cushion. Will he still be able to cum? No matter how, I came a little closer to my dream of becoming a nurse.