Miss Mortelle
Tortured toward Orgasm with a Spiked Ring
Tortured toward Orgasm with a Spiked Ring

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Together with my maid Yara, I will train a very horny slave. After tying our slave´s hands, I ask my maid to lick his cock. I want our slave to become hard even before I put the spiked ring around him. This special cock ring has countless pointed spikes on the inside. These spikes drill themselves increasingly painfully into the flesh, the harder the cock becomes. So I put this cruel ring around our slave´s cock and then I close it with a lock. Now I command him to put his cock in Yara's mouth. My maid has to give him a perfect blowjob now and he has to take all the pain! But it will only get worse for him... I want Yara to ride his cock now. He will have real sex with the cock ring on! I put our slave´s cock in his pussy. My maid is sadistically inclined herself and is immensely happy to ride him wildly. Of course she bumps onto the spiked ring again and again. From his screams you can clearly hear that this ride makes him hornier and hornier. Paradoxically, horniness for him is now inevitably associated with pain! With Facesitting I bring him even further to his limit... It seems as if mistress & maid have the most fun in this scene! Then Yara has to suck him off until he comes! See for yourself how she fulfills the task of her mistress and how this ordeal turns out for our slave...