Miss Mortelle
Your Dominant Girlfriend teases and denies you
Your Dominant Girlfriend teases and denies you

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In transparent lingerie and fishnet stockings I sit on top of you. "Today you are not allowed to cum!", I tell you. Today I just want to have fun with you. I will arouse you, but you can´t have an orgasm. First I don't even touch your cock and already that drives you crazy. I stroke your whole body, but your loser cock gets ignored :O On top of that, I start undressing and oiling my breasts. Your slave penis is already pulsating like crazy without me even touching it. "I guess you can't jerk off by yourself?", I ask and finally start massaging your cock. I explain that you have to say stop before it comes to an orgasm! Over 23 minutes, you have to endure this exciting ordeal. Little by little I undress, but only to make you suffer even more. I sit on top of you with my naked ass and rub my breasts against your tortured cock.... You have to say stop and after that I will jerk you off even more. In the end I let you get so close to my pussy that you think I would still have sex with you.... But you thought wrong. We will stop right there. A submissive loser like you must remain in chastity! Believe me, it's better for you and our relationship ;) This clip is fun, authentic, natural and lovingly dominant. A little bit of humiliation included ;)