Miss Mortelle
5 Sadistic Punishments on the CBT board
5 Sadistic Punishments on the CBT board

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This superb sadistic movie includes the most diverse cock & balls torture on a CBT board: 1. Crushed and Pierced by my High Heels. 2. Squashed and Kicked by my Feet 3. Punished with the Riding Crop 4. Tortured with the Pinwheel 5. "Rewarded" with a Handjob // Today I'm trying out the CBT board that one of my slaves built for me. A CBT board is a devilish construction that allows the dominatrix to crush and trample her slave´s cock and balls. Without the solid wooden base and the fixation features of the CBT board, it wouldn't even be possible to put so much weight on the slave's private parts.... The board has a hole in the middle through which I pull the genitals of my slave. First I tie off his balls and fixate them strictly to the board. Then I also pull through his cock, because both his balls and penis must be exposed to me helplessly... I push my high heels onto the cock and balls of my prisoner. Already this light pressure makes him scream. Gradually I intensify the weight he has to endure for me. This is what real cock & ball torture looks like! For me this is a very relaxed position, while my slave suffers hellish pain! Look over my shoulders while I crush my slave and drill my two pointed heels into his balls! Very soon he begs for mercy, but I have other things in mind. I take off my high heels and reward him a little by sliding my feet over his tortured cock. I know my slave is very much into feet and he will surely endure more CBT for me this way! Soon I am no longer stroking his cock with my feet but pressing my toes and soles onto his cock and balls. As a foot fetishist, how can he say no to that? I increase and kick his cock & balls with my feet.... Under my feet my slave must endure more weight! I lean onto his cock and balls and whenever he cries out you can see me laugh ;) Last but not least I punish his cock with a riding crop and a needle wheel. I wonder if my slave will still be able to cum after all this torture? Or have I finally destroyed his cock and balls?