Miss Mortelle
6 Extreme Slave Tasks: 52 min. of pure Humiliation & Disgust
6 Extreme Slave Tasks: 52 min. of pure Humiliation & Disgust

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In this incredible Femdom Movie Gem, I will give you 6 perverted Slave Tasks you have to fulfill if you want to stand the chance of ever meeting me in real life... Toys required for this Slave Training: Pantyhose, Filthy shoes, stinky socks, a butt plug and dildo, a pair of scissors, a pack of latex gloves, a Qtip, and full bowels and bladder... // Slave Task 1: Become my personal Stripper // As my slave you have to be naked and vulnerable at all times. I will tell you how to take off your clothes and will laugh about you, while you strip for me... // Task 2: Become my pathetic Worshipper // I know that you dream about becoming my personal worshipper. You would love to worship my entire body, right? Before I let you worship even one millimeter of my temple, you first have to prove me your devotion! You will lick your own armpits for me and worship your own filthy feet. I will verbally humiliate you without mercy, while you perform these degrading acts. Next you will cut off some of your armpit hair and put it into your mouth. Next are your toenails, chew on them you filthy dog! You need to get used to consuming human wast! As a last part of this worshipping task, you will take the dirty socks and shoes. I want you to indulge in them in the most depravable ways: You will smell the sweat, chew on the dirty shoe sole and jerk your loser cock with one of the stinky socks. This is all part of your essential slave training, before you may become a worshipper of my body... // Task 3: Become my Filthy Pig // I am not sure, if you have passed that worshipping test quite yet. I have some more disgusting acts, you have to perform for me. Push your finger into your ass, then into your nose and use the Q-Tip to dig all that smut from your ears. I will teach you to consume your own spit, earwax & snot, while reminding you again and again what a filthy pig you are. You will smear you own bodily fluids all across your face and experience real humiliation. // Task 4: Become my Cuckold Slave // You dream about worshipping my alpha men´s cock, am I right? Before I allow you to suck my man´s dick and be used as a fuckhole by him, you will first practice on yourself! Take that butt plug and suck on it, until it is nice and wet. Push the plug into your ass and put on the panthyhose. Now the butt plug stays where it belongs and you look like a real, fuckable sissy. Take that big dildo now and look at it, as if it was my alpha men´s cock! I want you to worship this dick with your gaze and beg for it like a poor slut. Now you will start kissing my men´s dick softly and lick it with all of your adoration. Take the cock in deeper and deeper and show me the best blowjob you got. It is time to fuck your throat hard now. I want you to take that dildo in as deep as you can. When you gag, you will continue pushing that dildo into your throat and go even harder on yourself. Show me that you can be a good cocksucking whore for me! Cut a whole into your pantyhose, so we have better access to your fuck hole. Take out the butt plug and lick it clean like the dirty dog you are. Position yourself in front of a mirror with the dildo. You will now abuse yourself by riding this huge dick. I will motivate you with my humiliating dirty talk, while you stretch your filthy asshole. After this intense fuck, you will smell the cock you just fucked and get used to that disgusting smell. Then you will stick out your tongue and clean the dick, that just abused your asshole... // Task 5: Dinner Time for my Toilet // In this last and most difficult slave task, you are now finally allowed to empty your bladder and your bowels. Go into the bathroom, relieve yourself into the latex gloves and tie a knot into the yellow and brown-filled gloves. You will now put those gloves onto the ground and bite into them like a hungry, pathetic dog. I want you to bit into these disgusting gloves until they burst and surround your will all the disgusting, smelly liquids. Now it is time to really humiliate you. You will smell your own piss & shit, roll in it, smear it across your face and eat it of course – like the good human toilet you are becoming for me! //Slave Task 6: Cum like a Slut // Did you perform all of the 5 slave tasks? Then I now allow you to cum like a slut. You will jerk into your own face, scrub the sperm off with your fingernails and eat your own sperm mixed with the last shit residues that were still on your face... I don´t care if all the horniness is gone now. Be a good boy for me and lick your fingers clean. You are my trashcan after all.