Miss Mortelle
Ballbusting in a Latex Catsuit
Ballbusting in a Latex Catsuit

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I am wearing a sexy red latex catsuit and tease my slave by rubbing my shiny oily ass onto his cock. While turning him on, I tell him what awaits him next: I will kick him hard into the balls with my high-heeled boots... Unfortunately, my slave is not in his best condition today as far as ballbusting is concerned, but I don't care. I want to hear it smack! By constantly jerking his cock between the balls kicks, I really fuck his head.... As long as his cock is so horny and hard for ballbusting, I will not stop. Whenever he goes down in pain, I order him to get up again. He must learn to endure all of this for me. Then I put him on a leash so that he really can't avoid my heels and kick him hard several times in a row. My slave begs for mercy now, so I let him kiss my boots and tell him to say thank you.