Miss Mortelle
Boot Bitch Contest
Boot Bitch Contest

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I am at House of Sinn with Mistress Ezada Sinn and we are surrounded by our slave harem. Mistress Ezada commands an inspection of all slaves, so we get to know their qualities. One after the other, every slave has to present their body to us, while we comment what they are good for and what their weak points are. We decide that we want our boots worshipped, so the slaves Sit and Nik have the great honor of kissing and licking our boots. Mistress Ezada and I want to find out which one of them is the better boot bitch and will have the privilege of worshipping our shoes for the rest of the week. A boot licking contest will be the perfect way to decide. First Mistress Ezada and I will cover our leather boots with spit. Only when the spit is running on all sides of the boots, will we give the kickoff. Whoever licks fastest, wins the contest! After the spitting contest, we are still undecided which slave was the best. So we set up new slave challenges, such as boot deepthroating and trampling...