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Dilator Training: I fuck his urethra
Dilator Training: I fuck his urethra

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Added on: 24.12.2021
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My slave´s urethra is still very tight, so I will provide him with a nice sounding training today. I am First I am inserting a big ball-chain dilator. This one does not slip fully in, because it is just too big for him. I still continue fucking his tip with it, since he has to get used to this level of stretching. Then, I use a slightly smaller dilator and fuck him deep into his pisshole, while he makes his whining sounds. I want him to remember me for a while...especially when peeing! Hopefully this nice urethra fuck, will make his dick burn. Watch me fuck my slave´s dick with dilators, while wearing nothing but a pink harness and pink latex gloves.