Miss Mortelle
Dominated by my dirty Asshole (POV)
Dominated by my dirty Asshole (POV)

Video-Length: 21m 30s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 8029 kbit/s
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Language: German


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Do you need humiliation? Do you need dominance? Do you need it dirty and filthy? Then this is the right video for you. After I dumped a huge shit into the toilet I put my dirty ass directly on your face (the camera) & dominate you with my shitty asshole. I oblige you to inhale the scent of my caviar smeared anus, while humiliating and degrading you. Then we change position. I kneel in front of you on the toilet bowl and you must complete the first stage of your toilet training. I tell you: "Be a good shit licker and clean my asshole! Finally, I facesit you with my dirty butthole and tell you when to jerk and when hold your breath. You will have to endure this filthy breath control until I allow you to cum!