Miss Mortelle
Double Shit Eater
Double Shit Eater

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Mistress Gaia and I have noticed that we both have to use the toilet for shitting in the middle of the afternoon. This can not be a coincidence, so of course the mouth of her slave must serve us. He is already quite excited and we make fun of his hard tiny cock. We stand with our asses directly over his face and take our pants off. Does he even deserve such a sexy sight? Of course not! He only deserves to have our shit in his mouth. Mistress Gaia lets me go first and I unload my shit portion into the slave's toilet mouth. While I'm still wiping my ass, Mistress Gaia craps a good load on top. You can see in close-up how the two shit flavors are all over his face and in his mouth. Then we order our toilet to jerk himself to orgasm with the double load of shit in his mouth. After he came, we tell him to put his face into the shit & cum.