Miss Mortelle
Extreme Piss Intake with a Mouth Gag
Extreme Piss Intake with a Mouth Gag

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I have put a special mouth gag on my slave that will make him drink all of my piss. From the outside, the gag looks like a urinal and ends with a pipe directly in my slave´s mouth. If I now pee into his gag, the piss will automatically flow into his mouth... I've also put him in handcuffs and told him that I'll only unlock them as soon as he's swallowed all of my golden shower. I have to pee very badly, but first I want to test whether the mouth gag works. I use my intense morning urine, which I've collected in a measuring jug for him. I pour a few sips into my toilet´s mouth and order him to swallow. As the flush seems to be working, I take off my latex thong and spreading my legs over my toilet. I just let it flow and my slave can hardly keep up with swallowing. My toilet is always on the verge of overflowing, but I want to empty myself completely into his mouth. When I've peed everything out, I bottle up my toilet with the remaining morning urine. My slave struggles more and more with the huge amount of pee...