Miss Mortelle
Fucked hard by 2 Dominants
Fucked hard by 2 Dominants

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Our slave has claimed that he has already been fisted. Therefore, Miss Madison has purposely put on her huge, thick strap-on. My cock is also quite big, but next to Miss Madison's cock, it´s only suitable for stretching. First, we make our slut suck our dicks one after the other. I push my cock really deep down our slave´s throat. I am the first one to fuck him in the ass. That was actually meant as a soft stretching, but our slave is already whining. Nevertheless, I fuck him without mercy, while Miss Madison insults him. Next Miss Madison tries to push her huge cock in. With a good amount of pushing, she fits at least the tip and pushes it back and forth, until our slut screams. Finally, we both put as many fingers as possible into the slave hole. As for fisting, this bitch still needs a little practice!