Miss Mortelle
Gloryhole Cocksucker
Gloryhole Cocksucker

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Mistress Gaia and I train her slave to give blowjobs through the gloryhole. Since he has a super tiny cock, that will never be able to have sex, he should at least be able to give pleasure to real dicks! First we make him look at the hard cock, that awaits him in the gloryhole. Then we make him stick out his tongue and he has to lick the tip & shaft of this hungry dick. Today he will pe pushed to take this cock in his mouth, all while we humiliate him. We want this bitch to learn to give good blowjobs, so he can soon earn money for his mistress in the red-light district. Our poor slut does not enjoy sucking cock, but we don´t care. We take his head and push the cock deep into his throat. It is quite funny for us, how this bitch is whining and suffering...