Miss Mortelle
Human Carpet for 4 Goddesses in High Heels
Human Carpet for 4 Goddesses in High Heels

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We have our human carpet rolled out in front of us. 4 bare Slave Bodies, ready to be trampled. First Mistress Dolores walks over all 4 slaves and keeps using the last one in the row. Then Mistress Maia steps onto the human carpet, putting all of her weight on the slave´s bodies... Miss Lith is wearing sharp Louboutin high heels. When she is walking over our slave carpet, the carpet starts making sounds... I am wearing overknee leather boots with extremely sharp heels. As soon as I step onto the first slave, he starts to scream from pain. I tell him to shut up and take the pain for me. Our slave´s also have to worship and kiss the boots that cause them to suffer... It´s so much to walk over these screaming bodies and stab our heels into their flesh. We also do test, where our heels show the most effect and find out: The nipples are a very good place to place a sharp heel!