Miss Mortelle
I fixate his face and make him swallow my Piss & Shit
I fixate his face and make him swallow my Piss & Shit

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Today I am going to use my slave under my Toilet Chair. His face is under a Latex mask, which makes it impossible for him to move his face... First I am showing you the whole set-up of the toilet chair and how my slave is fixated. Then I am pulling on his nipple clamps, which makes him scream a lot. I make him swear to me, that he will be a good toilet for me. Only then, I take of the clamps and start spitting into his mouth. I am taking off my leather string and sit on the toilet chair, right above his face. I am now pissing into his mouth and he will not be able to escape the pee flowing from my pussy down into his throat. Now the interesting part begins. I will push out my shit sausage. I need to push a lot and you can see clearly how the shit comes out of my ass and falls onto my slave´s face. I stuff all of my divine scat into his mouth and make him swallow everything for me.