Miss Mortelle
I give him Dirty Talk and ruin his Orgasm
I give him Dirty Talk and ruin his Orgasm

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Before I let my slave out of his penis cage, I tie his hands behind his back. I tell him that I will give him a handjob, but that he is not allowed to cum, until the timer finishes. Being in a sadistic mood, I set the timer at 25 minutes. Now I will give everything to jerk him off good and make his life a living hell! I spit onto his dick because I know how horny that makes him. While I massage his cock, I tease him with perverted dirty talk about cuckolding and toilet training. I tell him how he must serve me and my lover during sex and how I will use him as a full toilet afterwards. Soon my slave can no longer hold back his orgasm. He is about to cum, but I remind him that he must hold it back until the 25 minutes are up. I keep jerking him and make him suppress his orgasm. When he does orgasm, before the time is up, I punish him with ball punching. Post orgasm torture is the only effective educational method in such a case!