Miss Mortelle
I use my Slave Girl as Piss and Shit Toilet
I use my Slave Girl as Piss and Shit Toilet

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My slave girl likes to call herself "filthy bitch", so I would like to put that to the test today. I have planned to piss in her mouth and then shit onto her chest for the first time in her life. You can see quite clearly on her face that she does not necessarily like this idea. I tell her to open her mouth and spit into it. Then I take off my underpants. My slave girl has to kneel in front of me, as I piss into her mouth. She has to catch all of my golden shower with her mouth. Of course, I will make her swallow my piss. She suffers quite a bit when taking my piss, but I show no mercy. Is she calls herself a filthy bitch, she will also be treated as such... Then I command her to lie down in the shower. I sit on her face with my ass. While I take her breath away, I play with her nipples and enjoy her distressed moans. My slave girl has to lick my asshole to prepare me for the scat donation. I am very excited to see how she reacts to it! I poop over her upper body and smear my shit onto her breasts. My slave girl definitely suffers from the smell and feels very humiliated. I still can't resist holding the shit right in front of her nose and having her kiss my dirty glove...