Miss Mortelle
Kidnapped & used as Full Toilet
Kidnapped & used as Full Toilet

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I kidnapped a guy in the park and dragged him into the forest. Tied up & with a gag in his mouth he can't go anywhere now. First, I slap him hard in the face and spit on him. I pull on his nipples and enjoy how he suffers. Then I wrap him in bondage foil so that he really can't run away.... I put my victim on the ground and take my pants and shoes off. I have to piss urgently, so now his mouth must serve as a toilet. I make him drink all my piss. Then I stuff my foot into his mouth and tell him that he must eat all my shit next. I threaten to leave him alone in the forest in the bondage foil if he doesn't swallow it all. Then I squat over his face and shit a huge load into his mouth. It is quite amusing for me how the flies attack him and make the task even more difficult for him... Whenever the poop falls out of his mouth, I put it back in, even if it is then mixed with leaves and branches. I show no mercy for my toilet today. Everything has to be swallowed!