Miss Mortelle
Melted Chocolate out of my Ass
Melted Chocolate out of my Ass

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Today I have something very perverted in mind for my slave. I sit down on his face with my ass and while he licks my asshole, I tell him what's in store for him. Today I will fill my ass with chocolate spread. Then I will shit the sweet load directly into his mouth. My slave heats the chocolate cream for me over the stove so that I can fill it into a big syringe. He may then help me to inject the chocolate into my ass. Shortly after, he must already serve me as a toilet. I squat over his mouth and command him to open. I poop liquid chocolate and then also scat chunks. What a bittersweet mixture! I inject chocolate into my asshole two more times. The face of my slave is covered all over with chocolate cream and shit. And I encourage him to enjoy this sticky breakfast to the fullest!