Miss Mortelle
Multifunctional Slave
Multifunctional Slave

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Mistress Ezada is presenting me her slave, which is already fixated in a pillory. Apparently he is a multifunctional slave, meaning that he is able to endure different forms of punishment and training. What an honor for this slave that two sexy ladies, dressed in latex and nylon, will put him to the test today. I decide that I will only fuck his ass, after it is nicely red & bruised. Mistress Ezada starts hitting his ass with her leather whip. After he took the whipping, I am sticking my cock into his hole. While the slave is locked in chastity, I am fucking him deep & hard. When I slip out of hiss ass, Mistress Ezada continues whipping him. Soon his butt looks red and destroyed. Then I go for a second round of ass fucking. You can clearly see that his slave is a real pervert, because his cock is dripping in the chastity cage, while I am fucking his bruised ass. Mistress Ezada and I decide to leave him hanging in the pillory, until we want to continue using him.