Miss Mortelle
Pushed to ingest Two Big Loads of Shit
Pushed to ingest Two Big Loads of Shit

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Miss Madison and I immobilize our slave so that we can fill him up mercilessly. I sit on his face immediately. Then I piss the entire contents of my bladder into his mouth. Our slave literally drowns in my golden shower. But Miss Madison does not give him a break. She wants to poop into his mouth now. I jerk our slave while she squats over his face and pushes out her huge load of scat. Her shit sausage literally hangs out of his mouth, that´s how long it is. To make matters worse, our toilet already came, when Miss Madison pooped on him. Now his horniness is gone and he is struggling with the load of shit. However, I do not see any reason, why I should play it nice now. He will take my shit as well! I squat over his face and press my huge load of poop into his mouth. Now I stuff both of our loads into his mouth. Since he does not eat up, we abandon him like that, tied up and with our feces in his face.