Miss Mortelle
School Girl dominates and uses you
School Girl dominates and uses you

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I've been noticing exactly how you wait in front of my school every day and stare at my short skirt! Today you were so stupid that you just followed me home... I left the front door open especially for you to walk right into my trap. I'll tell you what a perverted pig you are and what I do to men who sexually harass young teens like me. Either you get on your knees right now or I'm calling the cops! Now that you are on your knees, we'll tie up your useless hands and gag your mouth pussy. I'll show you exactly what you're in for as a slave to a teen mistress! You will have to endure all of my verbal humiliation and corporal punishments, if you want me to let you go again. You thought I was a very sweet girl? Wrong thought. I am a real school girl dominatrix with a natural sadistic tendency.