Miss Mortelle
Sensual Latex Worship and Full Toilet Training
Sensual Latex Worship and Full Toilet Training

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Today I'm using a new slave as my full toilet. He's really excited because he's seen all my videos and knows exactly what to expect... First I order him to kiss my high heels. Then I allow him to worship my legs and my latex dress. I spit into his mouth again and again and make him lick the sweat off my armpits. Next, I play a game with my slave. I will jerk him and again just bring him to the brink of orgasm again and again. As soon as my slave realizes that his climax is imminent, he has to say stop and I stop giving hima handjob. The purpose of this game is to make my slave increasingly horny and submissive... Whenever we interrupt his orgasm, I let my slave kiss and lick my ass... Soon my slave is absolutely obedient and turned on. I fixate his hands with bondage tape and sit on his face with my bare ass. Now my toilet has to lick my asshole again before I use his mouth. First my slave has to swallow my piss, then I push my shit load into his mouth piece by piece. I only allow my toilet an orgasm if he manages to swallow at least 3 pieces of shit...
Tags: Scat, Piss, Peeing, Toilet, WC