Miss Mortelle
Spanked like a Naughty Boy
Spanked like a Naughty Boy

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Mistress Ezada and I wear leather outfits and leather boots, while our slave is dressed only in white panties and a collar. We discuss that our slave has misbehaved. Again and again he annoys us by not being able to keep his mouth shut. Although he is much older than us, we will treat him like a little boy and punish him. First I put him over my knee and spank his bottom with a leather glove. Already now, he is whining around. Since he still does not shut his mouth, the beatings do not stop. Then Mistress Ezada puts him over her knee and gives him an even harder spanking until he screams in pain. She also wears tight leather gloves while she spanks him. Finally, the little boy has nothing more to say. We are both amazed that our spanking education worked wonders.