Miss Mortelle
The perfect Toilet Pig
The perfect Toilet Pig

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All my slaves and aspiring servants can take an example from this video. A perfect toilet should crave the scat of his mistress! First, I spit in the mouth of my toilet and make him worship my boots extensively. He has to understand that his place is under me at all times. Then I start to tease him with my ass. He must worship my butt with kisses and then look at my asshole very closely. That's where the shit will come out that he has to devour later on. Only now I allow him to lick my butthole and use his face for facesitting. I piss my strong morning urine into a glass. Now my toilet bitch must empty the glass before my eyes. Next I will poop into his mouth while standing. His task is to catch as much scat in his mouth as possible. Of course I also feed him everything that landed on the ground. The face of my slave is truly covered with a huge load of creamy shit. Immediately, I tell him to chew & swallow! My perfect toilet pig does not wait and performs his task. With great pleasure, he swallows every single piece of my scat and licks the floor clean under my instruction. Now I allow my toilet to cum. While jerking off, he must look at my dirty, shit-smeared asshole, so that he becomes even more horny for my scat.