Miss Mortelle
The Toilet was Broken
The Toilet was Broken

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I was out for a walk and really needed to use the toilet, so I rang the doorbell of the first flat I passed. The guy who opens the door says his toilet is broken, so I guess he'll have to serve me as a toilet! I order him to undress and lie down on the floor. Then I pull up my dress and piss into his mouth, because it's really urgent. The stranger has a bit of a hard time swallowing my piss. So, I play it kind and piss my golden shower into his mouth little by little. When I'm done pissing, I sit with my ass on his face. I really have to take a shit too. While my toilet has to lick my asshole, I tell him that he has to eat my shit next. He clearly enjoys having my sexy ass in his face. But then I squat over him and press my huge shit load into his mouth. This is a whole different thing to be used as a filthy shit toilet. I tell him to swallow pieces of my poop and smear the rest of my shit onto his body.