Miss Mortelle
Two different Tastes of Chocolate and Lots of Piss
Two different Tastes of Chocolate and Lots of Piss

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Today our slave must serve two ladies as a toilet! We have fixated him onto a slave chair for this purpose. First, we spit into his mouth, then I make him drink my piss. But now we also want to check whether this toilet can take ladies' shit! Miss Madison poops her chocolate sausage onto a plate. Then the slave must swallow his mistress´scat completely. I also relieve myself onto the same plate. Let's see how our toilet handles the taste of someone else's poop.... Miss Madison complains loudly that my scat stinks of hamster cage, but our toilet is not allowed to complain. Today we show no mercy until he carries the shit of two mistresses in his belly. As a dessert, I pour the remaining piss into his toilet mouth. Then I jerk our slave to orgasm. Of course I also feed him his own sperm... To crown it all, I stick a finger into my ass. When it comes out it is stained with my shit... Now our slave must lick my finger clean! I do not care if his horniness is gone now!