Miss Mortelle
We make him swallow all of our Piss & Shit
We make him swallow all of our Piss & Shit

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Today my slave will be used as a full toilet by me and my girlfriend, who is still a beginner at Femdom. Today he has to swallow not only my piss and shit, but also everything my girlfriend dishes out! First, I order our toilet to worship our boots and heels. Then I use his tongue for intense facesitting. My sub has to lick my asshole extensively before we piss and shit on him. I let my girlfriend go first, while the toilet is still clean. I wank his cock and order him to swallow, while she pisses straight into his mouth. Then I use this toilet hole too to dispense my piss. Next on the menu is my girlfriend's shit. Only after he has swallowed all of her scat, I squat over his face and squeeze out a gigantic load of poop. Our toilet has to swallow all of this too! I piss again into a dog bowl and squeeze out the last chunks of my shit. Only when our slave has emptied the bowl, I allow him a release. On his knees and with his face full of shit, he must now jerk off to the sight of my dirty arsehole.