Miss Mortelle
24/7 House Slave of a true Goddess
24/7 House Slave of a true Goddess

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My house slave lives 24/7 in my apartment. I always keep him in chastity and treat him like a subordinate living being. He has to perform every conceivable domestic duty for me and must adhere to strict rules of conduct. In this video you can see some parts of his daily life and his ruined orgasm. How could he break his vow of silence, after three weeks of chastity, only to beg for a hand job? Thereupon I ruin his climax and torment him even afterwards with his beloved cock jerking! A movie in 8 scenes: 1. My house slave learns that I have set up a contract for him, which binds him to me for life. I read him the rules of this document and he must put his signature under it. 2. Putting on his chastity belt. 3. I abuse my slave several times as a piece of furniture 4. With an anal plug in his ass, he may wipe the floor for me. In the process, I make my cleaning slave's life very difficult.... 5. My slave may polish my tight vinyl pants. 6. The ritual of my daily foot massage: My painted toes in close-up! 7. In the morning the house my slave brings coffee to my bed. Then he helps his naked goddess into her slippers and morning robe. 8. While cleaning my shoes, my slave begs for an orgasm, which I ruin for him with great pleasure.