Miss Mortelle
Toilet Slave Swallows a Huge Amount of Piss and Shit
Toilet Slave Swallows a Huge Amount of Piss and Shit

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I enjoy the sauna while my slave has to wait outside. Today I will be naked during his entire slave training... and I certainly won't let himout of his penis cage :P When I come out of the sauna all sweaty, he first has to supply me with water. Then I order him to worship my sweaty body. I hooked the leash directly onto his penis cage so I can tug him around by his caged cock. My slave has the great honor of worshipping my whole, naked body. He will not only lick the sweat from my feet, but also from my legs, armpits and my divine ass! I'm already announcing to him that he has to serve as my piss and shit toilet soon. I already have to pee urgently from all the water he's given me. So, next I order him to place himself under my pussy with his mouth open. I just let it run and piss directly into his mouth. As soon as he's swallowed a load of my golden shower, I pee straight back into his toilet mouth. I unload my entire bladder into his mouth. Then I make him lick the piss that has been spilled off the floor. As many of you know already, I like to have my butthole licked, before using a slave as my shit toilet. This slave too has to give me intense rimming, before he gets shit on. Then the time has come and I spread my ass cheeks over his mouth. What pops out of my asshole amazes even me. What a huge load of shit! I turn my slave´s face to the camera so that you can see just how much I've filled his mouth with shit. Next, he has to swallow this gigantic load of shit that landed on his face! His tiny cock stays nicely locked up in the penis cage the entire time. My toilet slave has to function even without sexual satisfaction. After he's swallowed all the poo in his mouth, I smear the bits that had previously fallen down, onto his face. My slave really did a great job swallowing so much shit for me. You guys should take an example!