Miss Mortelle
Dirty Panties: I tell you what to do with them (Custom)
Dirty Panties: I tell you what to do with them (Custom)

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You ordered two pairs of dirty panties from me: One soaked in pee and one with traces of poop. I tease you with my divine body and my English dirty talk. What's best: I let you partake in the making of these divine panties. First I rub the underwear all over my body, over my perfect boobies and I even push it into my glorious holes, so it absorbs all of the divine nectar and smell. Then I pee right into the first panty, while still wearing it. Later on, it will get fully soaked in my golden shower. Next, I shit onto a plate and put the second pantie right on top of my turd. There it will stay for 10 minutes, so it can absorb the taste and smell of my chocolate. Finally, I explain what a slave like you has to do with these panties and how you are allowed to cum. Do you wish to order worn or dirty undies too? Order via e-mail: medea@missmortelle.com