Miss Mortelle
Encouraging Toilet Training for a Foot Licker
Encouraging Toilet Training for a Foot Licker

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I know you want to be my full toilet! My strict, but sweet training techniques will turn you into a perfect swallower in no time... First I am allowing you to worship my sexy body in black latex. You are looking up to me in POV perspective: I am sticking my feet right into your face. You will start by worshipping my toes & butt in a POV perspective. Next, I am teaching my slave how to lick my feet and swallow my spit. All of this is a necessary preliminary training, before my bitch is allowed to lick my butthole. Only once I am satisfied with his toe licking, I am ready to make him my toilet. I am sitting right on his face and spreading my legs wide to piss on his face. His challenge now is to catch my pee and drink as much of it as he can! I am releasing a real waterfall of piss. Next is rimming. Before I am using my slave as a shit hole, he will have to worship my round butt and lick my asshole. Then I am shitting my entire scat portion into his mouth. I am encouraging my toilet boy to swallow by jerking his hard cock. He will only be allowed to cum, once he swallowed some of my shit. This is an encouraging and very sexy full toilet training. In this clip, I am determined, empathetic and 100 percent authentic as a scat mistress. This was a custom clip. Order custom clips and book real-life sessions via e-mail: medea@missmortelle.com