Miss Mortelle
First Whipping with Sugarlina
First Whipping with Sugarlina

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Today me and my friend Sugarlina will give my slave a good whipping. For her it will be the first time she is trying corporal punishment. I have already fixated our victim to the spanking bench. After a little warm-up, our sub has to endure the paddle and the whip. My beginner friend is definitely excited to inflict pain onto our slave. Next, I will teach her how to use the cane. Together we leave a few good marks on his buttocks and enjoy hearing him scream and seeing him wrigge. I'm quite delighted that Sugarlina´s sadism is unleashed so quickly. When I tape our slave's mouth to suppress his screams, she keeps beating his ass with the cane. Our goal is to bring our slave to the pain threshold and a little bit beyond. Finally, we also make him endure the bullwhip and the rubber whip. Of course we are not satisfied until his ass looks destroyed.