Miss Mortelle
Hard Beating in the Library
Hard Beating in the Library

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Today my slave has to take a beating from 3 mistresses. I lead him into the library and tell him to bend over the desk. I spank his ass with my bare hand to warm him up for the upcoming punishment. Soon Miss Lith supports me and we spank his ass together. The first thing our slave has to endure is the paddle. We keep hitting his ass hard and enjoy hearing him scream in pain. By the time the flogger is on, his backside is already reddening. The rubber whip brings my slave to the brink of despair... and when we hit him with the cane, he screams like a pig about to become bacon. That's how we ladies like to have fun! My slave is on the verge of giving up, but I order him to breathe deeply and stay strong. He has to endure every punishment, no matter how painful and long it may be. It's really nice to see him pushing his limits for us. When we are satisfied with the beating, we proudly stroke his bruised ass. Then we order him to kiss our shoes and worship the shiny suit of Goddess Aya. Of course, he has to endure a pinch of humiliation to finish it off.