Miss Mortelle
Strict Feeding for my Full Toilet
Strict Feeding for my Full Toilet

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My slave has to serve me as a full toilet and I'm going to be especially cruel today. When he asks to use the toilet, I order him to piss into a measuring cup. Then I urinate into the same cup and put my slave in handcuffs. I attach a mouth spreader to his mouth, so that I can fill him with the disgusting piss mixture, whether he likes it or not... My toilet is really struggling to swallow the large amount of piss, especially because the mouth spreader is apparently uncomfortable. I beat him with a cane on his cock, legs and ass to make him understand that there is no way out for him today! Then I sit with my ass on his face and take his breath away. I let him enjoy the facesitting for a bit before I give him my scat. Today I'm going to stuff my shit deep down into his throat... I unload my scat sausage into his mouth, then I tape his entire mouth with duck tape. Now my shit is stuck in his mouth and inevitably runs down his throat... My toilet slave is about to give up because he's panicking. I tell him that I'm willing to take the tape off, but only if he promises to swallow all of my shit. Broken as he is, he agrees. So I take the tape off and stuff him with my divine shit until the last bite... I will only stop, once he has swallowed all of my scat.