Miss Mortelle
He has to eat our Shit for 3 days in a row (Day 1)
He has to eat our Shit for 3 days in a row (Day 1)

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Mistress Yara and I will use our slave Cosmo as our shit toilet for three days in a row. We have wrapped him in mummification foil to ensure that he is completely at our mercy. Yara and I both wear sexy latex outfits and overknee boots. We let our slave know straight away that he can only hope for an orgasm if he swallows well... After all, our toilet has to learn to absorb the shit of 2 ladies completely! First I tease Cosmo with my perfect ass by sitting down on his face. Then Yara places her butthole right over his tongue and we command him to lick. We make fun of him and refer to him as our "toilet paper". Yara really needs to poop already, so she pushes her scat directly into his mouth. We use dirty talk to encourage our toilet to swallow Yara's poo bit by bit... Meanwhile we leave his hard cock under the mummification foil and only tease him with the hope of sexual stimulation... Our toilet actually manages to eat the first load of shit, but before we reward him, I want to shit into his mouth as well! I squat over the slave's mouth and squeeze out a truly gigantic turd. My shit load looks like a really thick dick, that I am shoving deep into our slave's mouth... And that wasn't even everything, there's more dirty shit waiting in my ass! Today our toilet is going to be filled to the max with both of our scat. Now that Cosmo has my big shit sausage in his mouth, I cut a hole into the bondage foil at the level of his cock. While we command him to eat my poop, I stimulate his cock and Yara stuffs the brown delicacy deep down his throat. We only let him cum once he has swallowed most of my load. While our toilet is cumming, Yara pushes the remaining shit firmly into his mouth.