Miss Mortelle
I teach Sugarlina Ballbusting
I teach Sugarlina Ballbusting

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My friend Sugarlina will be kicking a slave´s balls for the first time today. I teach her the basics of torturing men. It doesn't take long and we take turns kicking. My girlfriend quickly realizes how much fun it is when a man collapses in a whimper. We can't stop laughing and are having a great time. Soon she kicks just as hard as I do! I also show her how to use a cane on his cock & balls. When our slave falls to the floor while ballbusting, we give him only 5 seconds to get up again. At the end our prey has to lay down on the floor and I show Sugarlina how to drill her high heels into his balls. At the same time I sit on his face and hold his hands. Then I climb onto his chest with all of my weight. While trampling him, I press my nylon feet firmly onto his balls & massage them.... Today we make egg salad out of him!