Miss Mortelle
Two Mean Girls bust his Balls
Two Mean Girls bust his Balls

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Today my friend Sugarlina and I will kick our slave into the balls. She is wearing a sexy, shiny catsuit and boots; and I am wearing plateau heels, as well as an open skirt and top. The only sexual attention our slave gets today will be ball kicks and dick caning. After kicking his balls too hard, my shoes fall off, so I keep kicking him with my bare feet. The sound of bare feet smashing balls is more delicious anyways.... and those soft balls feel so good on my feet, when I kick them hard! Soon, I have to tie our slave up, because he tries to cover his dick with his hands. No, completely at our mercy, we keep mistreating his balls with kicks and punches and you can watch it all in close-up. For the last 10 kicks me and my friend go even harder. I take run-ups and smash his balls as hard as I can.