Miss Mortelle
I wear transparent Latex and use my Slave under the Toilet Chair
I wear transparent Latex and use my Slave under the Toilet Chair

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When I wear transparent latex, my toilet slave can't help but obey me! My hot curves are perfectly visible under the transparent rubber and you can catch a glimpse of my nipples and my arse crack... No wonder my slave crawls in front of me and licks my patent leather boots at my command. I don't miss any opportunity to tease him with my sexy body. I tell him to bring his tongue closer and closer to my aaa... After a felt eternity, I finally order him to worship my latex-wrapped butt and my asshole! He has to give me rimming until I want to piss and shit in his mouth. Soon I can no longer stand the pressure on my butthole, so I order my slave to lie down under the toilet seat. Now I'm going to feed my human toilet with piss and shit in full comfort! First I pee into his filthy mouth and make him swallow it all. Then he has to watch my asshole opening up above him and my turd falling down on him. I make sure that he catches my scat with his mouth and flushes it all down his throat. As soon as he has swallowed it all, I reward my toilet with a handjob until he cums.