Miss Mortelle
My slave gifted me a Paddle and a Whip
My slave gifted me a Paddle and a Whip

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Unfortunately my slave failed at swallowing all of my piss, so I'm going to punish him severely now! After all, he has to learn that he has to obey my orders at all times, no matter how difficult they are to carry out... I start the punishment by warming up his ass with my hands. After an extensive round of bare-hand spanking, I reach for the wooden paddle that my servant foolishly gifted to me himself... Every good slave knows that a mistress wishes to receive gifts, but one should also think about the consequences of a specific gift... Not only does this paddle smack quite loudly, it also hurts like hell thanks to the holes that have been cut into it... I use it on his left buttock, then the right one... and finally I hit both buttocks without stopping! Next I use a leather whip on my victim. Again, this whip was a gift from my slave. When I really crack the whip, my slave screams and wriggles around... As this punishment tool was a birthday present, my slave has to endure as many blows as I am years old... At the end of this hard whipping, my servant has to kiss my boots and thank me for the punishment. I think he took the blows quite well and I'm already looking forward to whipping him even harder next time!