Miss Mortelle
Peeing in the Gym
Peeing in the Gym

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Mistress Ezada and I just finished our fitness work-out. We are very thirsty, so we call our slave to bring us our water bottles. When he gives them to us, we notice that they are empty! Our slave failed at the most simple and easy task we could have given him! Mistress Ezada and I are disappointed by him, so we decide that he will not drink our piss today... Because he fucked up, we will tease him with all the things he will NOT get. We make our slave crazy by bringing our sweaty asses close to his face, but without touching it. He is a pathetic, useless pervert that deserves to be humiliated! Now we will piss on his body, although he would love to drink our piss. He just does not deserve it any other way! First, I pee on his caged dick & body. Then Mistress Ezada covers his body with even more pee. Next time we will definitely use another slave as our waterboy!