Miss Mortelle
Perverted Parcel
Perverted Parcel

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Did you know that you can order a perverted parcel from me? Write me an email at medea@missmortelle.com and I'll send you slave-appropriate delicacies by mail... In this clip you will learn what you to do with the filthy contents of the package! I am sitting before you in classy lingerie and halter free stockings, turning you into my submissive by letting you lick my pointed heels. Step by step you realize how perverted my package really is! I show you my worn red thong and tell you what has already happened in it... Then you will be instructed on how to smell and worship my red lace underwear.... You follow each of my orders and sniff and lick the panties as I command you. As a next delicacy I have half a liter of morning urine for you. Follow my instructions and drink my piss! Sip for sip you will become my perfect toilet. I tease you with my sexy, perfectly shaped ass. Then I take off my panties and you may watch me push out a huge mountain of scat for you. That's what I'm going to send you! I'll make you mindless and you will learn to eat my shit. You have already fallen into my dirty trap. Jerk off in ecstasy while I show you my huge scat portion. You will eat even single bit of it. Enjoy your orgasm under my instruction. This was a custom video. You can order your own clip or your perverted package by e-mail: medea@missmortelle.com