Miss Mortelle
Piss Enema explodes into his Mouth
Piss Enema explodes into his Mouth

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Today my slave will have to endure a very perverted toilet training. First I am using his mouth to spit in. Then I also blow my nose and make him eat my snot. It is now time to jerk his cock and make him very horny for what is about to come... I sit on his body and tease him with my butt & my hands... Next, I am peeing loads of my golden shower into a measuring cup. Some more facesitting & rimming, and my toilet should be horny enough to endure the dirty part... I will perform an enema on myself with this delicious piss. More and more pee gets pushed into my butthole, until I feel that I can´t hold it anymore. Squatting over my slave´s face, I tell him to open his mouth. I will now empty my ass into his toilet hole. Just a little push, and my shit explodes onto his face... He looks like the dirtiest toilet I have ever seen. A huge load of shit is scattered all over his face and upper body. He is struggling a lot to eat all of this creamy shit mixed with piss and even spits out some of the scat. I am not satisfied yet, I want him to take another piss enema into his mouth. Also, my toilet should show me that he can swallow at least some of my shit!