Miss Mortelle
Pure Perversion (Double Shit)
Pure Perversion (Double Shit)

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Without using any words, Yara and I command our perverted latex servant to kiss and worship our asses. He must first lick my asshole, then his tongue has to take care of Yara´s butthole. I then get his cock out of the latex catsuit and jerk him until he is hard. Yara and I now spread & circle our ass cheeks in front of him. I start pushing out my shit right in front of him. He has to catch my poop with his hand. After I finished shitting onto his hand, he has to lick my dirty asshole clean. Next, Yara poops her shit portion right on mine. Now he holds the shit of both of us in his hands. Of course he must lick her shitty butthole as well. Our slave is jerking his cock and cums onto the double shit portion in his hands.