Miss Mortelle
Shitty Boot Licking and Real Dogfood (Extreme Petplay Toilet Training)
Shitty Boot Licking and Real Dogfood (Extreme Petplay Toilet Training)

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Language: German


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I have a tough task for my doggy today… He will have to lick shit from my boots and eat real dog food mixed with shit! For the build-up I let him lick my boots clean, while wearing a dog mask. Then he first has to prove himself as a pee-drinker. I make him swallow all of my piss from a dog bowl. Since he does not drink fast enough, he is punished with hitting. Now he is allowed to sniff my asshole and lick over my ass. I have the spontaneous impulse to shit into his mouth, so he get the first two bites of delicious dog food directly from my asshole into his mouth. The rest of my shit lands in the dog bowl and I smear it generously over my dominatrix boots. My dog has a tough time to lick them. It is hard for him and you will see my dog struggle, spit and puke, but I keep him going and going. I want these boots to be clean and fresh again 😉 As soon as my dog admits his shit eating failure, I add real dog food to the mix and make him eat dog food combined with shit. Interestingly, that works better than pure shit. This is your video, if you love it super dirty and nasty. No other clip was so much mess to clean up afterwards 😉 Watch me bring my dog to his limits, while still being a loving owner <3 As usual I give my doggy all the dirty talk and motivation he needs, to keep up his shit eating training. Who will be my next puppy? (Clip language is German.)