Miss Mortelle
Slave gets our Prechewed Meal mixed with Spit
Slave gets our Prechewed Meal mixed with Spit

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Mistress Ezada and I are enjoying a protein shake and bananas after a long work out. Since we also want our slave to stay fit and healthy for us, we share some of our food with him. Obviously he will only get prechewed food from us. I spit some of my protein shake in his mouth. Our sub also has to lick our spit from the floor. When eating our bananas, Mistress Ezada and I decide that it is too sweet for our taste. So we start spitting our prechewed banana into his mouth. I also enjoy feeding him my banana from my feet, after crushing it deliciously under my toes... Finally Mistress Ezada create a mix from our spit, protein shake and banana that our slave has to lick from the fround. We think that he should eat all of his meals like this!